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Éidín MacGowan - Endometriosis Excision surgery & hysterectomy

I don’t want to go to deep into specifics because of embarrassing irish mentality of shame talking about women’s health. This is a huge step for me. I’m usually a very private fun, happy positive helpful, thoughtful person. I’m so tired of fighting Endometriosis it has all the symptoms of cancer no cure will leave you living in constant chronic pain it sticks your organs together can effect every organ in the body. I’m tired of hospital/ Consultants in ireland not being an option because they try to make out that you can’t be in that much pain or just dismissive or me guessing what will help my pain myself now temporarily at home trying everything I can to minimise the pain or dull pain. Burning myself with hot water bottle just to stop Endo pain for a while. Some Hospital staff treating me like some kind of precious women who can’t handle any pain. Believe me Endometriosis sufferers I’ve met online because we’re to ill to meet for coffees or do normal everyday things they are the strongest most supportive women I know. Could you imagine being in phantom labour for years every day for no reason with no cure ? Endometriosis has taken over my life for years. I’ve had it from the age of 12 but didn’t know I thought all women suffered the same pain vomiting passing out migraines as I did monthly. Until the pain grew into 3 weeks a month chronic pain instead of one week. Until I was constantly in worse then labour pain 24/7 365 & haemorrhaging constantly. My organs swollen sticking out of my stomach. Excruciating relentless chronic pain passing out for an hour maybe every couple of days because of painsomnia Endometriosis is under researched & funded world wide. Endo is a condition that effect 1 in 10 women. It’s where tissue similar to the lining of your womb grows outside it & sheds like a period every month. This then sticks your organs together and causes inflammation and excruciating pain. I actually get PTSD of the traumatic experiences with pain when I go to the chemist or shop & have flashbacks of how painful/ traumatic it was to walk inside on and off for years. I practically was house bound for just short of 3 years. I don’t want to complain but Its living in hell. I’ve found an amazing thoughtful surgeon in Romania Dr Gabriel Mitroi I want to get surgery ASAP to stop this brutal disease spreading more. I have to fly over & back stay in a hotel over there before surgery & after I’m discharged i want to heal and recover for a few days also not hoo straight on a plane maybe causing damage. And all though there is no cure for endometriosis I might get a few years of Feeling like myself again he does excision surgery where he cuts out every bit of Endo he can basically cut out the Endo like cutting a plant from the root in ireland they use ablation where they burn off top layer of Endo. This causes the Endo to weep and spread. If you’ve any questions or need any more info please contact me. I actually hate thinking about it it makes me depressed and I’ve to stay positive and smiling or I’ll never get through this. Anything €5 is appreciated and I love you all PLEASE SHARE I need your help